quarta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2008

Sunday Songs

Bloc Party
If we get up now we can catch the afternoon
Watch the under 15s playing football in the park
Let's sit in St. Leonards in this alcoholic day we're doing the best with what
we've got

Sunday was a bright day yesterday
Dark cloud has come into the way

David Bowie
Everything has changed
For in truth, it's the beginning of nothing
And nothing has changed
Everything has changed

Sonic Youth
Sunday comes and sunday goes
Sunday always seems to move so slow
To me - here she comes again
A perfect ending to a perfect day

How long...
How long must we sing this song
How long, how long...
'cause tonight...we can be as one

Johnny Cash
Well, I woke up Sunday morning
With no way to hold my head that didn't hurt.
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad,
So I had one more for dessert.

Nina Simone
One more
Sunday in Savannah
Hear the whole creation shoutin'
Praise the Lord
See them flinging out the banner
While the congregation says amen

Nick Cave
But not on Sundays
Never on Sundays
O Not on Sunday's slave

She can't catch up with the working crowd.
The weekend mood and she's feeling proud.
Live in dreams, sunday girl.

There's no other ending
Sunday sun
Yesterdays are ending
Sunday sun

Elvis Costello
Standing in your socks and vest
Better get it off your chest
Every day is just like the rest
But Sunday's best

Velvet Underground
Sunday morning, praise the dawning
It's just a restless feeling by my side
Early dawning, sunday morning
It's just the wasted years so close behind

Of Montreal
Everyday feels like Sunday baby everyday feels so good
Everyday feels like Sunday baby everyday feels so good

Frank Sinatra
Hey Mr. Sunlight, don't outshine your bright,
I'm talking out of my head, I'm so high on life.
Don't you know that it's gonna be a "thousand-and-one" day.
And I'm feeling kinda Sunday, (feeling kinda Sunday), feeling kinda Sunday.

Serge Gainsbourg
Et pour toi sans effort, mes yeux seront ouverts,
N'aie pas peur mon amour s'ils ne peuvent te voir,
Ils te diront que je t'aimais plus que ma vie,
Gloomy sunday

Pink Martini
Ap to parathiro mou stelno
Ena dio ke tria ke tessera filia
Pou ftanoun sto limani
Ena ke dio ke tria ke tessera poulia

E por último, sendo que muitas mais podiam ser aqui mencionadas, a não menos importante contribuição da pop japonesa para este tema, com a inefável menção à ida de domingo ao "trono" com o jornal desportivo do dia:

Pizzicato Five
Hidoku jikan wo
Bathroom de
Hige wo sotteta

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